Kindness Videos


2018 Kindness Video Film Day


Kindness Week – September 2017

Kindness Week Boise Idaho, January 2017

What is the Community Kindness Movement?

Kindness Week Pocatello/Boise, Idaho 2016


Kindness Week Launch Video 2016 with Explainer

The Science of Kindness 2016 – Referenced to our Kindness Assembly


2016 Kindness Video Version without Explainer


2016 Kindness T-Shirt Printing


6 Ways to Show Kindness:

#3 – Be the Reason Someone SMILES Today!


6 Ways to Show Kindness:

#2 – When You Think KIND Thoughts, Act Upon Them!


CKM heads to our Idaho State Capitol Building and Christine Donnell School of the Arts in Boise, Idaho!


6 Ways to Show Kindness:

#1 – Don’t Tolerate Bullying. Ever. If you see it, Stop It in its Tracks!

Happy Holidays from the Community Kindness Movement


Mrs. Idaho America Pageant experience – Mrs. Pocatello 2015 – Melissa Nelson

2015 Kindness Kindness Video


Kindness Week – Pocatello and Chubbuck Elementary Schools

Kindness Week Proclamation Signing – September 2015

Mrs. Pocatello introducing Kindness in the Pocatello/Chubbuck 4th of July Parade


Acts of Kindness at New Day Products and Resources. Melissa Nelson and her kids and friends surprised New Day employees with roses.

The fun behind the Kindness Video at Century High School

Gray Baseball Team Parade in Downtown Pocatello, Idaho at the Orange and Black Store

First Pitch at the Grays Baseball Game

New Day Products prints over 6000+ t-shirts for Kindness Week, just in two weeks! Thank you!

Thank you Portneuf Medical Center for being the first to donate to the Community Kindness Movement and donating $9,000!

Pocatello and Chubbuck ISU Homecoming Parade – Mrs. Pocatello – Community Kindness Movement Float

Fort Hall Elementary – Kindness Week Assembly

Pocatello Community Charter Schools get funded Kindness T-shirts!

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