Are you interested in getting the Community Kindness Movement started in your community, better yet, your schools? I can help, by giving you the planning resources you need to get started. I believe it can take just (1) individual who wants to make a difference in their schools, for the students, to help make a difference. I need your help in doing this! We need to be the voice, for the voiceless, it’s our obligation for a better tomorrow and for the success of our next generation. I want Kindness to spread throughout our schools in Idaho and nationwide. Every little bit counts. Contact me if you have any questions.

School Planning Packet

Acts of Kindness Calendar

Kindness Video – Used to launch Kindness Week in your school

School “Kindness” themed Assembly

Kindness Day Planning for (1) Calendar Year

Kindness Begins with Me! T-shirt Order Forms

Kindness Begins with Me! Buttons

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