CKM Executive Officers and Board of Directors

Melissa Nelson, President Executive Officer

“In the next 7 minutes, a child in the U.S. will be bullied. It may be the son or daughter of someone you know. Worse, it may be your own. Meanwhile, only four out of 100 adults will step in to stop it. The rest — 85 percent — will do nothing.”

Melissa Nelson, the Founder and President of the Community Kindness Movement and former Mrs. Pocatello 2015, appreciates the voice that the “Mrs. Pocatello” title gave her. She strongly believes that anyone, no matter your title, gender, race, religions, etc., can make a difference if you truly have the heart to. This experience brought opportunity for Melissa to make that difference throughout the Pocatello/Chubbuck Community that has spread throughout the State of Idaho.  Melissa will never forget all the wonderful “Models of Kindness” that helped inspire the CKM evolution.  A special THANK YOU, to Portneuf Medical Center for being the major sponsor and support of her big kindness dreams and to the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District and Pocatello/Chubbuck City Mayors for approving the “Kindness Begins with Me!” Community Proposal. From the CKM Proposal, Pocatello and Chubbuck experienced their first Kindness Week Proclamation Signing for a Kindness Week to be celebrated the third week in September.

Never did Melissa think that I would be standing here today as an advocate for Bullying Prevention. But, when bullying happens in your family, it changes your awareness. Many children experience bullying each day, whether it be at home, online, in school, or out in our communities. Children have not yet developed the coping skills to brush off devastating effects. As a mother, when you see your child struggling and know that something is just not right, we try our best to do the right thing for all children involved. After meditation and study, Melissa came upon an article on kindness. After reading that article, she felt that she had found the answer in helping her own child. As her family chose to perform anonymous “Acts of Kindness”, they experienced how genuine kindness can perform a change of heart. From the experience sparked a kindness flame the has now grown into a Non-Profit Organization in empowering our next generation.

Kindness is a simple, yet POWERFUL answer to Bullying Prevention. The Kindness Begins With Me Program was created as an Annual School Bullying Program and has proven results. The CKM have been given the amazing opportunity in experiencing entire student bodies inspired by the kindness movement. Melissa believes they have experienced the makings of many aspiring “World Changers”. She knows children are more acceptable to change when given the tools needed for their success. They can make a difference in their homes, at school, and in our communities, if we can provide the encouragement and tools!  Our mission is to teach children that they can celebrate their uniqueness, but are stronger when they can accept one another and come together as “one”.

The CKM values the PTA motto:  Every Child. One Voice. The CKM appreciates the support of the Idaho PTA Organization. We also want to thank New Day Products and Resources for printing our Kindness T-shirts and for their wonderful employees. The CKM is happy to announce our new Non-Profit status, with the hope of being able to raise funds for as many students and schools as we can throughout the years. May kindness continue to spread and help ignite the flame to unify our communities and to inspire a better and safer learning environment for our children.

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Terry Frederickson, Vice-President Executive Officer

Terry Frederickson, the owner of New Day Products and Resources, prints our yellow and black Kindness T-Shirts. What makes this cause even better, all the funding improves the lives of our children and it also improves the lives of disabled residents in the Pocatello Community through employment. Every day, Terry is making a contribution to the Pocatello/Chubbuck community in many ways. He is a mastermind, but a genuine friend. Terry and his wife, Erica, are also the proud owners of the Pocatello Grays Baseball Team, GO GRAYS!

Terry has played a huge role in helping Melissa get this all started and she will forever appreciate his friendship, wisdom, community support, advice, and kindness!



Teresa Costello, Secretary Executive Officer

Teresa Costello is a wonderful mother of nine-year-old twins boy/girl and a former PTA President. Teresa has always taught her children a life-long motto: “kill them with kindness”.

Once Teresa learned of the Community Kindness Movement at a PTA Conference, she reached out to Melissa and inquired about bringing it to their school in Boise, Idaho. Teresa felt that the message is powerful. Once their school PTA accomplished their fundraising efforts and mission, they were able to experience their entire student body in yellow Kindness T-shirts and she describes it as, “Moving beyond words. Every child was the same in that instance, no one was different. We all had one goal and that goal was to build a foundation of Kindness in all our hearts and minds. I am so happy and blessed to be a part of such an amazing message that I can’t wait to spread anywhere I can!”



Tina Mitchell, Treasurer Executive Officer
 Tina grew up in Logan, Utah. She is married to Corey Mitchell of thirteen years and resides in Boise, Idaho with four children.

Tina was Mrs. Boise in 2013 and awarded the “Woman of the Year Award”, from the Mrs. Idaho United States Pageant. The award was given for “being the most influential to those around her”. Tina has served as the Mrs. Idaho U.S. Ambassador 2013 and created the “Victors of our Future” program, which teaches people to recognize the victim mindset that limits them and provide them tools to help create the life they always wanted.

Tina has volunteered at the Women’s jail as an instructor in helping improve and uplift the lives of women there. Tina enjoys creating motivational programs and enjoys motivational speaking.  and is exciting to help in empowering our kids. When Tina heard about the CKM, she contacted Melissa and was excited to get more involved any way she could. We are happy to have Tina as part of our kindness team.


NEW 2017 CKM Board of Directors










    President – SAM NELSON

Vice President – SARAH DAVIDSON

Vice President – BECKY DODGE


Treasurer – TIM ROTH

















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